"...Larry writes straight from the heart and his songwriting prowess is second to none. It's honest, it's captivating, and will grab at your very soul. His songs capture the very

essence of what we have all felt at one time or another..."

Randy Skaggs

Q108 Kingston (Canada)

"Larry Anthony is a type of artist you don't see anymore. Anthony creates music that is relatable and meaningful to everyone in subtle ways. He defines his sound as emotional and honest and works hard to develop music that is multidimensional..".

@ Elbo Room (Chicago)

"Larry Anthony has a unique voice that really stands out from the rest. His music is very inviting and has a real soul. The music gives me a sense of happiness.  Keep up the good work! Never stop making music."

Brad Dassey

Ultimate Variety Radio

Music Garage


“She’s There” is such a great tune to walk down the street to. The beats add a bouncy-feel to this feel-good, electric song. Larry Anthony sings about young love and overcoming obstacles like long distance. The music video is equally as vibrant and fun.

Demi Proutsos


"Larry Anthony never lets us down. Not only reliable and a true creative professional, I've loved having him booked with us for regular gigs and being able to see him evolve as an artist. He's been able to fine tune his gigs with us to fit our space and crowd without sacrificing any of his creative integrity. Easy going, organized, talented, and all around cool guy, Larry's the real deal."

Nic Opp

the Albert; EMC2

Larry Anthony has performed at venues all across
America with artists such as:
-Jon Walker (Panic! At The Disco)
-Mark Rose (Spitalfield)
-Thomas Nicholas (American Pie, Rookie of the Year)
-Chris Medina (American Idol)
-Shane Henderson (Valencia)

Using the ever-changing Chicago landscape as inspiration for his thought-provoking pop, Larry Anthony is coming up in the Midwest scene with an urgency. The young singer, songwriter and guitarist has swept across notable stages, including House of Blues Chicago, Bottom Lounge, and Navy Pier. You may have also heard him out and about in the local bar & restaurant circuit as well, playing a residence at sleek Chicago restaurant The Albert, duets with local acts like Johnny Alletto, or frequenting sing-songwriter showcases all across the area. 


After a successful indie release of recent single "She's There,” produced by Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Hawthorne Heights), Anthony is readying his debut EP, which is set for release in April 2020. In this follow-up, we see him exploring darker themes and more of his R&B/soul influences while remaining true to his trifecta: infectious hooks, intimate word play, and fiery guitar work. The single Midnight Memories is a great taste of what the rest of the album will be about!


Having shared the stage with the likes of Jon Walker (Panic! at the Disco) and Mark Rose (Spitalfield), and performed on national television, Larry Anthony is gearing up to expand his reach to fans all across the U.S.

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